Stellar Partners provides business consultants who specialize in a broad range of superior financial solutions, services and transaction management to our clients. Our business consulting services address complex transactions and communications challenges, enabling you to drive business results and enhance your value proposition.


Mergers & Acquisitions

We allow you to focus on profitably running your business while we use our extensive experience and expertise to shoulder the workload of potential acquisitions and divestitures and ensure an efficient, seamless transaction.
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Financial & Board Consulting

We can assist you with our financial and board consulting solutions aimed toward enhancing growth and profit opportunities. Services are broad and include: CFO and board consulting, strategic financial mentoring and guidance, financial analysis projects and more.
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Investor Relations & Communications

We blend an understanding of the company operations and financial performance with the ability to communication effectively with investors, employees, customers, media, and government officials. Take control of your communications with practical, cost-effective solutions to today’s real-world issues.
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