Employee Stock Ownership Plan Consulting

Providing sound guidance and coordination

to maximize long-term success

The ESOP decision is a complex one with many ramifications and significant tax savings opportunities. We will guide you through each aspect. Together, we will look at the total picture from many viewpoints and explain structure options for the future control of the company.

When the decision is made to establish an ESOP, we will coordinate with the involved parties – attorneys, tax advisors and accountants, the valuator, trustee, insurer, financing entity and third party administrator – to design and implement a successful plan. We will help you:

  • Project the impact of an ESOP
  • Evaluate the risks and benefits
  • Assist with development and analysis of financial models
  • Communicate the program to employees to maximize motivation and improve retention and productivity
  • Provide ongoing support and consulting

With our guidance, your decision will be a sound one, with a view toward the long-term success of your company.