Public Relations & Crisis Communications

Directing the information pathways

to protect and enhance your brand

With 24/7 news and social media in nearly every household, these sources of information are more influential than ever. How do you anticipate, analyze and interpret public opinion, attitudes and issues that may impact, for good or ill, the operations and plans of your organization? Whether it is an ongoing public relations program or a specific crisis or major event, we can help:

  • Develop an effective public relations and media outreach program
  • Establish relationships with various stakeholders—employees, customers, community, government agencies, suppliers, competitors, and other institutions
  • Expand understanding with message and presentation development and review
  • Provide media support and conduct media training
  • Protect and enhance your brand
  • Create a crisis communications plan
  • Prepare a bankruptcy communication plan
  • Draft and distribute press releases
  • Present, develop and evaluate social media communication options